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Look after your health and happiness

Create habits that will help how you feel every day

Five weeks of support and inspiring videos in small chunks for just £97 £27. Five weeks of mindfulness, movement and mindset skills to help get you through the next few weeks.

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Each week, you'll be sent videos on

These videos will help you refocus, reenergise and relax whenever you need to. You can pick and choose what you do and when you do it. The videos are in small chunks you can fit whenever you need.

As well as five weeks of videos, you'll have support via email and the online Facebook group to answer any questions you have along the way.


By watching the videos and practicing the exercises, you'll develop habits that will give you the following benefits:


Increased wellbeing


More resilient


More energy


More focus


Better sleep


"I really liked how short and simple the videos were, and how the different themes meant I could pick a video based on how I felt that day."

"A wonderful e-hug of a course which makes you realise the bits you're doing well already and the things you can do better or more of. A fantastic opportunity to develop your wellbeing at your own pace."

"It was a fun, simple, easy to follow course that would inject some calm and peace into my busy working life."

Just £97 £27

What's included

The programme is designed to help you develop healthy habits of movement, mindset and mindfulness during the working day, with positive benefits for life at home. The course also teaches you relaxation techniques that you can use to find a sense of calm whenever you need it.

In just five weeks of videos, you can develop healthy habits to look after your body and mind during the day, whether you're at work or home


New videos delivered weekly that you can do whenever suits you


Each section can be watched individually so you can pick and choose to suit your day and your mood


Handouts and worksheets are provided to supplement the videos


90 day money back guarantee if you do not find the videos useful


Learn techniques to help look after your mind, body and your mood


There are five minute videos so you can fit them whenever you get a gap


Or watch the longer videos (up to 20 minutes) when you have more time


Invest in your health and wellbeing

Just £97 £27

About Office Om's Founder

Hello! I'm Cathy Bailey

I'm on a mission to help people feel better every day. I've been there: stressed, overwhelmed, struggling.

And yet, is so much out there that helps, but so many strategies just aren't practical. I want to change this. I want everyone to be empowered with skills and strategies to use to increase their wellbeing. I want everyone to be proactive in their self care.

Yoga and counselling made such a huge difference to me. I'm now a qualified yoga teacher who has practiced for over twenty years and I have over 10 years experience as a counsellor. Office Om is my baby and a fusion of yoga and strategies for change learnt as a counsellor. I love the positive impact this makes for people.